Our Services


Authority Engineer’s Services

In the capacity of an Authority’s Engineer, we review the EPC Contractor’s design, consultant drawings and give approval based on the detailed engineering study and the requirements enumerated by the government authority in its tender document. We review the quality assurance plan of the contractor and approve the material source and the materials used in the construction. It is also our responsibility to undertake review of the project progress and ensure its timely completion.

Independent Engineer Services

As the Independent Engineer we review the Concessionere design drawing, construction activities and approve them based on schedules to ensure Concession Agreement. We also review the quality assurance plans, material sources and material mix to ensure quality. In addition to these responsibilities, we also suggest the stage of work to the client and assist the client for utilities works.

PMC Services

Under the umbrella of our Project Management Consultancy services, we lead, manage, execute and implement the project. We are responsible to ensure the quality of the work being done as per the specifications of our client. It is our responsibility to verify all the activities of the construction work.  We also undertake construction management, testing and quality control of the works done.

Lenders Independent Engineers Services (LIE)

We work on behalf of Lenders/Bankers/Financial Institutions as their engineers to monitor the progress of the work and ensure the end use of the disbursements made to the EPC agency/suppliers/vendors is in line with the progress of the project. We also certify the work bills of the sub-contractors engaged by the EPC agency so as to ensure the progress of work does not get affected due to delayed payments and in turn causing delays is procurement of materials.

Quality And Safety Audit Consultancy Services

We provide independent auditing and reporting services towards quality and safety of projects, and monitor their compliance with the implementation schedule as well.
We act as the independent third party that audits projects for quality and safety. Our responsibilities include reviewing quality control documentation for purchased goods and constructed works, witness commissioning and acceptance tests for the project and conduct regular check on safety aspects during construction.

Inspection and bridge condition survey using a Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit

We provide our clients with a detailed inventory of bridges and culverts as per specification of the tender document with the use of a mobile bridge inspection unit which helps us inspect the actual condition of the bridges for the client to take preventive measures and necessary action to maintain the bridges and upgrade their existing conditions.