Our Services


Detailed Project Report

Under our Detailed Project Report services, we check for conceptual feasibility of a project. We evaluate the project on the environmental, social & financial aspects.

The environmental aspect includes environmental impact assessment (EIA) and Environment management plan (EMP), the social aspect includes social impact assessment & a rehabilitation plan if required for project and the financial aspect includes cost benefit ratio and financial feasibility of project.

We also study the engineering of project in detail and review the vertical and horizontal geometry, detail structural drawings etc.

At the planning stage we finalize the nature of the contract viz. Percentage rate contract (B1), Lump sum contract, BOT contract, DFBOT contract, Annuity contract, hybrid annuity contract, EPC contract etc. depending upon the nature of the work and availability of funds with the client. After having done all these studies, we prepare the contract document for the Government Client.

Feasibility Study Reports

As a part of our Feasibility Study Service, we undertake topographic surveys, traffic surveys, traffic demand forecasting & capacity analysis. We also study the pavement conditions & overlay designs, flexible and rigid pavement design. Hydrological and drainage studies, design of junctions and intersections, traffic signage, traffic signals and road markings are some of the components of the feasibility study services that we provide. We also design culverts & the drainage system of bridges, prepare land plans, road safety and traffic management plans for our clients.

In order to provide technologically advanced services to our clients, we also propose intelligent transport system plans for projects where such technologies can be applied.